Winter Cozies for the Indoors

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I'd like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to staying warm in style.

With the rise of COVID once again (sigh) I've had to retreat to the indoors this past week as the virus spiked and my kids returned to home-schooling once again. (Hopefully only briefly.)

To complicate matters this week our heat went off.

Thankfully it was only temporary and the temps outside were decent for Chicago in January.

Nonetheless, we bundled up.

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite indoor cozies that got me through the week.


Last year I discovered the magic of the weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are great for reducing anxiety and stress. We recently purchased a weighted duvet from Brooklinen and I have never slept better. Some nights I find myself retreating to bed a little early just so that I can get under this blanket.

Smart wool socks

Every year I can count on my mom to send me a pair of socks for Christmas. This year she sent me a pair of "popcorn socks" from Smartwool that are SO warm cozy. What I love about these socks is that they are thin enough to wear under my regular sized shoes, unlike bulky socks which can only be worn big boots.

Tumeric Tea
Afternoon tea time has become a regular occurrence in our household. It usually occurs around 3pm. Since I don't want to stay up all night, I usually opt for an herbal/ caffeine-free tea, like turmeric bliss which is great for reducing inflammation.
Oh Ramen! There is nothing better than to warm your body from the inside out. Spicy ramen like this one from Furious Spoon is my favorite (order-in food) on a cold winter day.
Ok, one more blanket! When I'm not under covers in my bed, I like to be under covers on our couch. Go figure. This blanket gifted to us years ago from Pendleton is so warm and stylish that I don't mind leaving it folded up on our couch during the day. When movie-time rolls around in our household, every member of the family clamors to grab THIS blanket.

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