Best American Wool Coat Brands

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Wrap Yourself in Quality and Craftsmanship:
The Best American Wool Coat Brands

When it comes to coats, American brands have long been synonymous with exceptional quality, timeless style, and a commitment to craftsmanship. From traditional heritage brands to innovative newcomers, the United States boasts a wide range of coat manufacturers that combine functionality and fashion. Many fashion brands such as J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger embrace an American heritage aesthetic, however only some brands truly embrace American manufacturing through the employment of domestic textile and garment workers, offering a product that is truly American made.

American Woolen

1.The Checkroom: The Checkroom was founded on the principle that quality can win over cost. In a world of fast-fashion when customers are repeatedly purchasing new clothes season after season, The Checkroom sought out to create quality pieces that can be cherished for years to come not only through their craftsmanship but through their timeless design. Made in Chicago, IL, The Checkroom is proud to be sourcing RWS + NATIVA Regen™ certified domestic wool harvested at Shaniko Wool and woven at American Woolen.

The Checkroom

2. Duckworth: Similar to The Checkroom, Duckworth boasts an 100% American made product. Their merino wool is grown and harvested in Montana, processed on the east coat, and sewn (or knit) in Chicago or Tennessee. Duckworth was founded with the mission: to create versatile Merino Wool products made exclusively in the USA with Montana-grown wool, their apparel is designed for superior performance with stewardship, sustainability and American-made craftsmanship at front of mind.


3. Woolrich: Woolrich is an iconic American brand with a heritage rooted in the outdoors. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830, Woolrich is known for its classic wool coats that provide warmth, comfort, and timeless style. The Buffalo Check was invented in 1850 and is one of the most recognized pattern to date. Although the Woolrich woolen mill in Pennsylvania closed in December 2018, their coats feature premium wool blends, sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and nylon, organic cotton, and certified NATIVA wool. 

Woolrich Coat

4. Pendleton: Pendleton is synonymous with quality woolen goods and is a beloved American brand. Founded in 1863, Pendleton produces coats that celebrate Native American-inspired patterns and designs, showcasing their commitment to authenticity and cultural appreciation. Pendleton fabric is sourced from sheep grazing on the Cascade Mountain and woven in their weaving mills in Oregon and Washington, however in 1992 their apparel manufacturing moved off-shore.


From heritage-inspired designs to sustainable and performance outerwear, the quality and enduring appeal of an American-made coats embraces the rich heritage and craftsmanship that American fashion represents. Shop our line of American made coats today.

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