Made On Demand

Please note that due to the proximity of the holiday season, we are not taking any more orders at this time for holiday delivery. If you are still interested in having a coat made, and comfortable with a January delivery, please feel free to reach out directly. 


The Fashion Industry is fraught with excess and waste.

As a small business owner, my aim is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

As a result, my focus is on creating fewer, better, quality pieces that are built to last.

Small Batch Production

By making our coats as they are ordered we are able to...

1.) Reduce waste by only making what you really want. As a result, we can better utilize our fabric yardage and reduce excess in our inventory system.

2.) Bring you more size and color options to pick and choose from. Believe it or not, by only making what is ordered, I can actually offer you more then I could if I were to carry a heavy inventory of "in stock" pieces.

3.) Still allow for a flexible return/ exchange program. Unlike custom coats, which cannot be returned, our coats are still eligible for returns and exchanges.

4.) Maintain the highest quality standards. Keeping our inventory lean, allows us to continue to deliver a quality product. You will never see me cutting corners on quality in order to protect my bottom line.

Please note - *I do my best to keep a small inventory of popular sizes and colors "in stock" so that we can keep our orders moving at a sensible pace.

*Check the size indicator, to see if your size is in stock

However, most styles and colors are "made on demand." 

If the cart icon says "Place Order" that means that the item is not in stock, and will not be made unless ordered. It does not mean that the item is coming soon or will be stocked in the near future.

I consider this brand to be part of the "slow fashion" movement wherein value is placed on style, materials, and craftsmanship above all else.


Liz Williams

Our customers will tell you that our made in the USA women's coats and jackets are "worth the wait!"