The Story Our American Made Wool Coats

It was not long ago when American-made products were viewed with a sense of pride. As a child of the 80's, I still remember the "Made in USA" tv ads running and wondering why these ads were interrupting my cartoons.

As it turns out, they had good reason. As I write this, 90% of American clothing is currently made overseas. There are obvious implications of this, including the environmental toll that shipping takes, the unregulated working conditions, and the loss of jobs here in The States, but the saddest implication in my mind, is the loss of knowledge and craft.

After running this business close to a decade now, I can attest to how very difficult it is to find materials and component parts that are Made in the USA. 

And it is with great pride, that I share that, after numerous years of research, our wool overcoats are now made from 100% RWS + NATIVA™ Regen certified American-Made Wool, bringing our coats to the forefront of sustainable, ethical, domestic, luxury wool. 

Shaniko Wool

photo courtesy of Shaniko Wool Company

The RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certification assures that a progressive approach is being taken in both land management and animal welfare on the farm where the animals are raised and recognizes only the best farming practices globally. 

Our RWS certified wool fibers are harvested from a network of American, regenerative farms that are part of the Shaniko Wool Company.

NATIVA™Regen is a regenerative agriculture certification that recognizes holistic farming practices that promote healthy ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. 

Regenerative agriculture helps plants store rather than release carbon, proven to capture carbon in the soil, thus playing a major role in carbon sequestration.


Shaniko Wool
photo courtesy of Shaniko Wool Company

Once harvested, our wool fibers are processed in South Carolina where they are washed, sorted and combed.

Our wool fibers are 16.5 microns in diameter, meaning that they are a very fine (not itchy) fiber, giving our fabric a soft hand, drape, and feel on the skin. 

The sorted fibers are then sent to American Woolen in Connecticut where they are spun into yarns, woven into fabric, and dyed, bring you a

100% American made wool cloth, from fiber to finish (that never leaves the United States.)


American Woolen

photo courtesy of American Woolen Company

This has been no small feat, and I am extremely proud of the domestic partnerships that have made this possible.

Once complete, our wool fabric is shipped from American Woolen in Connecticut to (me) here in Chicago. Our wool coats are assembled in Chicago bringing you an (almost entirely)

American made coat!

What is most exciting about this beautiful fabric (apart from it feeling amazing on the skin) is the pioneering advances in ethical and sustainable manufacturing it brings to our domestic textile industry, an industry that has frankly suffered for far too long. 


American Woolen

Photo courtesy of American Woolen Company

Please note! While we work continue to work toward incorporating this fabric and more American-made fabrics into our line, some pieces in our line will continue to be made from imported fabrics, that are sewn in the USA. Most of the component parts, such as linings and fasteners ARE imported.

Our wool overcoats are fully lined, using high end, quality materials that keep your warmth and protection in mind. Of utmost importance to The Checkroom is that our coats are designed to function and keep you protected from the weather. 

Sustainability and ethics are important to me as occupant of Planet Earth, but style, wearability and performance is what will ultimately bring YOU to love your coat for years to come.


designer, Liz Williams