4 Best Winter Coats for Chicago Winter

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The Best Winter Coats for Chicago's Winter

Chicago winters are infamous for their bone-chilling temperatures, fierce winds, and heavy snowfall. If you're planning venturing outside during the Windy City's winter months, investing in the right winter coat is essential. Whether you're a resident bracing for the cold season or a visitor experiencing the city's winter for the first time here are a few suggestions that will cover all of the bases.


1.) A Long Wool Overcoat - The Dearborn Overcoat from The Checkroom

For those who prefer a more classic and sophisticated look, a long, wool coat is an excellent option. Wool is a natural insulator that provides warmth even in cold and damp conditions. Opt for a long wool coat for a timeless appearance with more coverage. What's great about a classic wool coat (especially for travelers) to the Windy City is that it looks chic and pulled together for fine dining, shopping along the Mag Mile, and trips to our numerous world-class museums.


Canada Goose

2. The Classic Parka - The Trillium Parka from Canada Goose

When it comes to winter coats, a classic parka is a must for Chicago residents. These coats are designed to withstand extreme cold and are equipped with heavy-duty insulation, hoods with faux-fur lining, and durable water-resistant exteriors. Brands like Canada Goose offer excellent options that provide superior warmth. These coats are great for locals who need to brave the elements in order to shovel sidewalks and walk to public transit.



Sleeping Bag Coat

3. The Puffer Jacket/ Down Coat - The Sleeping Bag Coat - Norma Kamali

Puffer jackets have made a stylish comeback in recent years, and they're a fantastic choice for Chicago winters. They are lightweight, making them easy to move in, and they provide excellent insulation with their quilted design. Down Coats are known for their exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. Great for travelers and locals alike, they're incredibly warm without being bulky, making them ideal for Chicago winters. Depending on whether you prefer a long or short look, either version would be suitable for Chicago Winter, although most Chicagoan's like to have their bum's covered! 

The Arrivals

4. The Insulated Pea Coat/ Lined Moto Jacket - Moya - The Arrivals 

If you're looking for a coat that bridges the gap between with a little bit of an edge, consider an insulated pea coat or lined Moto jacket. These coats have a classic, double-breasted design with added insulation for warmth. They're perfect for dressing up on cold winter days and nights in the city for the urban dweller or adventurer.

Surviving a Chicago winter requires more than just layers; it requires the right winter coat. When choosing a coat, prioritize your personal style, warmth and comfort. Chicago's winters may be harsh, but with the right coat, you can embrace the season in style while exploring all that the Windy City has to offer. 

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