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Let me first acknowledge the fact, that the best thing we can all do for the Earth (and our wallets) is to buy less stuff. Hopefully this sentence goes without saying.
However, I truly believe that "shopping small" can make a big impact when it comes to sustainability, and when combined with eco-conscious brands this small impact is amplified.
As a small business owner, one of my greatest pleasures has been found in meeting numerous small business owners that (like myself) aim to do their business in a more sustainable way. 
This month, in honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share a few of small business owners who are doing things better, so that the next time you do need/ want to make a purchase, you know that you have options that align with your values.
You may remember my friend, Kristina Lacson McConnico of Lacson Ravello, but if you are new's your lucky day! Lacson Ravello creates small capsule collections mindfully made in California using sustainable materials and in timeless silhouettes. 
MamaSuds is a small woman-owned business dedicated to crafting truly safe household cleaning products and real soap for label-reading moms. Owner, Michelle Smith has spent a crazy amount of time tracking down exceptional ingredients so they're not only safe for you and your family but sustainable for the planet.

You know I love a good Farm to Fashion story which is why Farmer's Body resonated with me. Farmer's Body, takes the strong spirit of community and weaves it into everything they do. Made with safe, natural ingredients grown on small farms. Farmer's Body  actively seeks out collaborations with women farmers to bring you products you'll love, from the farm to your body.

Designed by Kate Van Asten, Wulfka is a line of elevated casual clothes made with eco-conscious fabrics for straight-size and plus-size women. Ethically made in Chicago with premium materials, the Wulfka collection is a comfortable, stylish and practical solution for day to day living.

 The Calm Joy is committed to promoting positivity and wellness, all while adhering to a strong sustainability ethos. Believing that self-care and sustainability go hand in hand, and their products and services are designed to inspire individuals to prioritize their well-being while caring for the planet.

Flourish Beauty Lab is a small Vermont brand dedicated to caring for ultra-sensitive skin and hair. With a closed-loop recycling program, sustainability meets simplicity. Purchase your reusable glass or aluminum bottle to start your eco-friendly journey. Refill with our convenient spouted pouches, then return them for credit and proper recycling through TerraCycle. It's skincare made simple, with a conscience.


 The Checkroomis your ultimate destination for American-made, sustainable wool coats, designed to combat the weather in style. Using responsible wool, from domestic farms, the Checkroom is on a mission to make farm to fashion, American-made, coats a quality staple in your wardrobe.




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