Optimism: The only trend worth supporting this year

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I realize a fashion trend is probably the last place we should be looking for positive change. However, with that being said, I can't help but get excited about color. Color is such an impactful design element. It can change the way we feel, think, and experience our surroundings. Color can have an affect on our mood, our outlook, and even change our perception. This season, I'm turning color to express a much needed new perspective: Optimism and given the current state of affairs, I can't think of a better trend worth supporting this year.
Below are a few key colors pieces that will keep you on "on trend" while sparking a few smiles.
Scarlet Red - Evoking Happiness and Energy
Designed by Shannon Buth, these oh-so comfy t-shirts come with a positive reminder to, "live what you love." Using an "imperfect heart stitched over your own heart as a daily reminder to live your passion, laugh every day, love deeply, lift others up, and don't ever quit your day dream." With $5 from each purchase going to a women's charity, you can feel good about this colorful purchase
Having searched for a non-animal alternative to substitute leather for a long time, designer Linda Sieto was happy to find Piñatex® a plant based material derived from pineapple leaves. This water resistant textile has a low environmental impact as a by-product of the agriculture industry, meaning no extra land, water or pesticides were required.
Mint Green - Feeling Refreshed and Optimistic
"Bringing joy to everyday life since 1951" is the tag line for the Finnish lifestyle house Merimekko, who had placed timeless design at the cornerstone of it's busines. As the first Finnish company to join the international Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Merrimekko has worked to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.
Made in Canada, every piece of dconstruct jewelry is made using recycled resin. Inspired by nature and minimalist design, each piece contains a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled material.
Marigold - For Spreading Hope and Sunshine
Carefully crafted from repurposed water bottles and knit to shape for minimum waste. Rothy's are a great feel good purchase. The timeless silhouette of "The Point" makes them a personal favorite. You will definitely need to size up one whole size when purchasing this style, since the toes are tight! But once you have the sizing right, they are a great shoe for the everyday.
Using ethical (Made in Chicago) manufacturing and small batch production. This jacket incorporates a recycled fleece lining for extra warmth on those windy/rainy Chicago days, while the water-resistant exterior and convertible hood continues to keep you dry during those dreaded downpours. Putting up with terrible weather doesn't mean you have to be sad in this brilliant jacket.

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