The Scoop on Post Labor Day Fashion

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I grew up knowing only one fashion rule.  No white after Labor Day.  But as we all know, fashion changes as do rules. And while the rule on white is no longer in place, here are a few modern tips for transitioning into your fall wardrobe just after the holiday weekend.

1.)  Ditch the Straws (not just the plastic ones)

Straw was a huge summer trend.  I loved wearing my straw hat and enjoyed my straw bag even more.  But straw is definitely a summer fiber. Post Labor Day, switch to a wool hat like this one from Janessa Leone for those sunny fall days.

Wool Hat






2.)  White is Ok!  (mostly)

Although the rule on White has been lifted.  There are still a few things to watch out for.  White eyelet tops (like the one picture here) are better suited for summer days.  However white jeans (also pictured here by Amour Vert) and white  jackets are great for transitional looks especially when paired with dark pieces.   


White after labor day


3.)  Get that Trench Coat Back Out! 

Trench Coats are synonymous with spring, but in many ways they are better suited for fall weather.  Try this water resistant trench in black for a fall look on those chilly, rainy days.


Trench Coat


4.) Don't pack up ALL your sandals just yet!

Although open toe shoes like flip flips and cork wedges should to be packed away after Labor Day, suede and leather shoes (especially like these metallic Birkenstocks) are still welcome.


5.) Keep on Rock'in 

Summer is a great time for outdoor music, but there are still so many great shows in the Fall. Don't pack up your free spirit when you pack up your bathing suit and enjoy what's left of the good weather!


Concert Tee

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