Quality Materials

All of our coats and jackets are fully lined, using high end, quality materials that keep your warmth and protection in mind. Our coats are designed to function and keep you protected from the weather, rather than just top-off your outfit.

Most of our wool fabrics are soft pure wool or blends of wool/cashmere.

As of Fall 2021, we are thrilled to partner with American Woolen, one of the few remaining wool mills in the United States to bring you a lovely, USA-Made, wool/ cashmere blend for our black and caramel color coats.  It has long been a goal of ours to be able to work with an American mill so that we could provide better transparency into my own supply chain, reduce greenhouse gases, and engage with USA manufacturing efforts.

While we work toward making the switch over to US fabrics some of our fabrics continue to be sourced from Italy, Korea, China, and Canada. 

While we enjoy the natural and sustainable properties of natural fibers, in some cases, synthetic fibers (blended with Nylon) can provide for better durability and water-repellency, thus giving them superior functionality. We take great pride in bringing you quality construction and this same pride extends to our fabric selections.