4 Keys to Styling a Long Coat

Posted by Elizabeth Williams on

There is no question that long coats are in style. And frankly, it's about time. Long coats provide extra warmth and coverage while feeling like you are slipping into a cozy bathrobe.

However, styling a longer coat can feel difficult if you are used to wearing knee-length or hip-length coat. 

The good news is, it's actually quite easy and effortless with these 4 keys.

Orange Pants

1.) Add Color - Whether it's in the color of the coat itself, your pants, or accessories, the shear length and magnitude of wearing a longer coat begs for a splash of color. 

Long Coat

2.) Footwear Matters - Just as a longer coat is going to draw more attention to your face, it will also draw more attention to your ankles and feet. Consider pairing your long coat with the footwear that you really want to show off.


Tailored Coat

3.) Your shoulders should fit. Both slim and oversized coats are in style right now, so choose which make you feel more comfortable. However, a good coat should fit well in your shoulders. The shoulders are the hardest area to alter and most important for your mobility. When you try on a coat, make sure you can stretch out your arms and move them freely.

Long Coat with Scarf

4.) Lastly, have fun and project confidence! Just like a bold accessory, a long coat is a real statement piece so it's important to just own your confidence and embrace it!

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