Mastering a Classic Look

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If you are a woman above a certain age (like me) you may have found yourself less enchanted with fashion trends these days and more focused on building a classic wardrobe.  But mastering a classic look can take time. Below are a few tips to keep in mind while crafting a look that is anything but effortless.
1. Choose proportions that work for you. A classic look should be timeless and give you confidence. But, it should never approach the level of a Stepford Wife. Stick with the silhouettes and shapes that works well for YOU and don’t get caught up chasing proportions that work well on others. 
Classic Look

2. Consider fabric weight, comfort, and breathability. Natural fibers are great as a base layer because the are so breathable. But chances are your body temperature will fluctuate throughout the day, so layering is key.

3. Add a splash of “fashion.” Classic looks are a great way to showcase a great piece of statement jewelry, some oversized sunglasses, a bold lip color, or a fun new bag. Pick an item that you are excited about showing off and let the rest of your look set the stage.
4. Focus on Footwear - We all know that there are times to skimp and times to splurge. You will never regret splurging on a pair of comfortable, well-made, timeless shoes. Invest in a pair of flat oxfords like these by Angela Scott that will carry you well into the coming years.
Classic Look
5. Don’t be too fussy. Who are we kidding? There’s nothing effortless about an effortless look. Allow yourself some "planned disruption" with an untucked shirt, ripped jean, or messy bun to keep your look from being TOO polished.

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