Leaving in 10 minutes! How to toss a look together when you're short on time

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As a mother of three, wife, and business owner, I'm usually juggling a multiple things at a time. My self care routine often falls last in line behind a laundry-list of things (which includes laundry itself.) With Coronavirus keeping me home most days, I've been conveniently forgetting to shower, put on a cute outfit, and apply make-up. Most days, I'm floating along in my pjs, last night's bed head in full effect, until it occurs to me...
"Sh*t I need to leave in 10 minutes!"
Whether it's a trip to the pediatrician (that I entirely forgot about) or a quick trip to the grocery store, sometimes I have to quickly to toss myself together.
I have a hard time going out in public looking like a complete mess. I hear the words of my Grandmother (in her southern drawl) telling me to "Have some self respect!" So, I turn to my favorite "go-to's" that I know won't leave me cringing in the off-chance that I run into someone I know.
To say that this is a 10 minute beauty routine would be an understatement since these tips can actually be done in 5 once you get them down.
 I love this line from "it cosmetics," because it quickly covers up ALL my trouble spots. As a 42 year old woman with rosacea, fine lines, and uneven skin tones, this cosmetic line is a god-send and helps me quickly get out the door knowing my skin looks even and clear. 
IT cosmetics
Ok, so I'm no sports fan, but I do have naturally curly hair which tends to resemble a squirrels nest unless I shower daily. When I'm in a hurry, I pop on a Chicago Cubs hat and step into my roll as a sports aficionado. If this look is good enough for "The Duchess," it's good enough for me.
Megan Markle 
Have you heard of the term "dazzle camo?" Its a wartime technique used to distract the enemy. thankfully this technique can be used for bad hair days as well. I love my KJ Made flats because they are so comfortable and stylish. On 15 minute days they are a great conversation piece and distraction from the hot mess happening upstairs.
KJ Made Flats 
Last but not least, the easiest way to cover up last night's t-shirt is to pop on as stunning coat like the Southport Overcoat in grey available at Coat Check. Slipping into a coat that looks and feels this luxurious will make you completely forget about what you are wearing underneath. After all, the only person you really need to impress is yourself.
Grey Overcoat

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