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Since the death of Queen Elizabeth there has been a resurgence in interest in British Fashion. I myself have been binge-watching "The Crown" on Netflix for the past week in an attempt to learn more about The Monarch's life and history. Although her story is very fascinating, I often find myself watching the clothing more than the drama. In between scenes, I'll pull out my smart phone and pour through historical images of the royal family to see how the real life costumes compare to that on the television.

Queen Elizabeth as a child

Although the Queen herself was a very fashionable woman, the Royal family is not short on power-players. One might argue that the Royal family has been setting the tone for outerwear fashion for the past 100 years and it is clear to see why.

Princess Margaret

From Princess Margaret, to Princess Anne, to Diana, Fergie and down to our current obsessions with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the Royal family has captured the eyes and in some cases the hearts of a global community.

Princess Anne

While the British formal attire is often designed by world renowned designers, (Angela Kelly, Catherine Walker, Norman Hartnell, Christian Dior, Alexander name a few) it's often the most humble, human moments that remind us all that after all, these women are mere mortals.

Queen with her dogs

The Royal family maintains its secrecy when it comes to their private lives, so it is no surprise that public appearances are often scrutinized under a microscope.


During many of their more opulant public appearances the Royal Family is almost always "coated" in brilliant colors and shapes. The statement pieces themselves reflect a meticulously tailored story line that the royal life remains one of class and dignity.

Kate Middleton

And while we are all aware that life in the public eye comes with great pressure, these fashionable pieces do allow room for superfluous conversations around hem lines, designer trends, and outfit repeating that are often a much-needed break (or distraction?) from more pressing issues. 

Meghan Markle

Whatever the case may be for our obsession with the royals, it is clear that the "coats" of these past 100 years have served to protect the royal family from more than just the elements of bad weather.  They serve to protect them from a very public eye, that longs to know more about this modern day fairy tale, that is royal life.

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