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As I reflect on nearly 10 years in business, I am often surprised by what I am truly grateful for. The "surprise" benefits of being a small business owner are continually my greatest joys.

One of those joys has come from meeting numerous other inspiring female business owners. WOMEN, who have decided to take a chance on their dreams. Staying up late at night, putting in the work, and bouncing back after every mis-step.  

In honor of Small Business Saturday, here are a few of my favorite fellow female business owners that continue to inspire me every day. 

Shop Small, Shop Women Owned

Apothekari Skincare - Since working with Sharmani of Apothekari Skincare, I have a new found confidence in not only my own skin, but in the science of skincare. Sharmani brings her expertise to an industry reliant on fluff and hype during a time when science is what is actually needed. I'm absolutely in love with her Advanced Renewal Serum and am thrilled to be finally using a product where I can see a the difference it makes!



Lacson Ravello - Kristina Lacson McConnico is making sustainable shopping easy. With her approachable designs at amazing price points, Kristina is dressing every woman they way they want to be dressed, in a mixture of every day statement pieces that are comfortable and well made.


Lacson Ravello


Ann Chikahisa - Extraordinary jewelry for your life's journey, Ann inspires the inner artisan in everyone. Embracing and celebrating imperfection, Ann's pieces truly reflect what it is to be a modern woman on an every-changing path. 


Brynn Capella - A true self-starter, Brynn Capella is walking proof that a woman can do anything if she set's her mind to it. A self taught designer and entrepreneur Brynn turned what started as a fun side project into the thriving handbag business that it is today.

Brynn Capella



And of course the my list doesn't end there! Within the Chicago fashion community alone, I'm always looking to fellow designers Sophia Reyes, Anna Brown, Wulfka, Production Mode, Ellie Day, Abby Alley and countless others for ideas on how to make this work! Within the sustainable fashion space I am continually inspired by Malaika New York and Vincent James for their commitment to sustainable fashion. And fellow outerwear designer, Molly Goodall makes the most beautiful children's coats for her line, Little Goodall. There are so many fantastic options when in comes to shopping small and I promise you, that every purchase counts (big or small.)

- designer, Liz Williams

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