Embracing Rainy Days: The Racine Raincoat - A Long Women's Raincoat with a Hood

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There is no worse feeling than wearing fully drenched clothing (apart (maybe) from wearing fully drenched jeans.) 

Last year I designed this coat in two lengths, A short anorak version and a long calf grazing version. Between the two, the longer coat was the clear winner.

Designed with fashion and practicality in mind, this long women's raincoat is a lovely blend of style and functionality. With a full-length hem that covers your entire outfit (including your pants!) a hood that protects your head, and adjustable drawstrings for an adjustable fit, I've found myself reaching for this raincoat a ton this spring.

I don't love rainy days (there are people in the world that actually do...) I love sleeping during the rain, but not necessarily venturing outside. That being said, this coat has been a refreshing change because I really do love stying it in variety of ways.

Raincoats in general are a great alternative to carrying an umbrella. I prefer to have my hands free and not having to remember to bring an umbrella to and from places. Most of umbrellas that I have owned have been left behind at a restaurant or cab so I gave up on them long ago.















This long raincoat is made from a lightweight, water-resistant material that keeps me dry without weighing me down.

One of my favorite features of this jacket is the packable fabric and pouch allowing me to stuff it in my bag when I don't need it. The wrinkle-resistant, fabric allows the jacket to look fresh, when I pull it out.

Although I love the cinched waist, for certain looks, it also looks great as a straight cut poncho. And the fabric is just shiny enough to dress up my outfit if needed.

And best, of all it also comes in black, a true wardrobe staple for spring/ fall days.

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