Made in the USA

As a person that spent most of their career behind a sewing machine, I am happy  to pay my peers for their excellent craftsmanship and make no apologies for the true cost of a living wage here in the United States.
All of our pieces are created using small batch and made-to-order manufacturing methods, meaning that our skilled labor force can create a single coat from start to finish, rather than working on one component repeatedly all day long.
Working local has its advantages in that we are able to produce very small batch and limited run pieces for you in a variety of sizes, while keeping our inventory low and our quality standards high.
Manufacturing local also reduces waste at the shipping level. Through local manufacturing we are able to transport goods from our local manufacturers to your front door, rather than across the globe.
What we do here is not ground-breaking. We rely on old-world methods of manufacturing that bring money into our local economy and keep our craft alive here in the United States during a time when 90% of our clothing is made overseas.