Why Made To Order

The Fashion Industry is fraught with excess and waste. As a small business, we aim to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

By making our coats as they are ordered we are actually able to...

1.) Reduce waste by keeping our inventory low and in line with your needs

2.) Bring you more size options to pick and choose from

3.) Allow for a flexible return/ exchange program

4.) Maintain the highest quality standards

We do our best to keep a small inventory of popular sizes and colors "in stock" so that we can keep our orders moving at a sensible pace.

*Check the size indicator, to see if your size is in stock!

For out of stock, "made to order" pieces, we ask for your patience. You may find the you have to wait on average 4 weeks for your order to be made. This wait time may hold true for some exchanges as well. We consider this brand to be part of the "slow fashion" movement that is begging the fashion industry to slow down.

Our customers will tell you that our made in the USA women's coats and jackets are "worth the wait!"